SHARE Oxford, a Library of Things

Welcome to SHARE Oxford.

The Library is now open for borrowing, and you can sign up for our monthly newsletter here.

Summer is still trying to be here, and it's half-term, and maybe you'd like to go away for a day or few... see our featured camping items

For information about our opening, membership - and if you want to donate items to the Library, please contact

How it works

Once upon a time there was the Oxford Circular Collective, which started up the Oxford Library of Things, and that then turned into SHARE Oxford as a stand-alone project.

1. JOIN!

  • Create your account
  • Confirm your email address
  • Select your membership plan – we recommend the monthly or annual membership to get discounts on borrowing and to get access to some small items free. (Supporter membership really helps us even more.)


  • Browse the inventory and choose what you want to borrow
  • Select the time & date that work for you


  • Visit the Library of Things at any time during opening hours on your reservation date
  • If it's your first visit, you'll have to provide proof of identity and of your address.
  • A friendly volunteer will get your Thing for you.
  • Pay for your item (and a deposit for expensive items)


  • Take the Thing to your home, project or adventure
  • Bring the Thing back with all its parts on the day it's due back – clean and ready for the next borrower
  • Notice any damages? These things happen. If you can fix it easily and safely, then please do. If not, please let us know as soon as possible here: http://.....
  • Finally a note on our prices: we are learning as we go and may be suggesting more than some people find reasonable for borrowing some items (we are trying not to) or may be underestimating what a loan is worth for other items (you are welcome to offer more than we ask if you think we are asking too little). It is our intention to review our prices every three months or so; the next review will be mid-May. We encourage our members and borrowers to give is feedback on our pricing, thank you.


  • View our events calendar & sign up to join Repair Cafes, Thing Demos and more
  • Got practical skills to share? Like meeting and greeting people? Good at spreading the word? Got a knack for fixing things? Check out our opportunities and apply here

Find out more

1. Read our story here
2. Still can't find the answer? Drop us an email at

Give us feedback

Got feedback for us? Want to request a Thing? Drop us an email.